Mason cotillion ball scheduled for Oct. 3

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By Maria Braganini
The Mason Times

Rita Vogel announced plans for a Sesquicentennial Cotillion Ball scheduled Oct. 3 at the Ingham County Fairgrounds at the Mason City Hall meeting on Monday evening.

Mason will have Sesquicentennial Cotillion Ball at the Ingham County Fairground on Oct. 3, said Vogel at the Feb. 10 City Council Meeting.

The Cotillion Ball is 1865 inspired with faces of history and role playing, Vogel said.

Vogel envisions an elegant ball in the style of the 1865 time period.

The Cotillion Ball will be open to all ages, allowing for the entire town to celebrate its accomplishments and history, Vogel said.

Encouraging younger generations to attend, the ball will have a dance floor along with an open bar for adults and a kid-friendly bar.

“They’re our next 150 years, and this is more their community then it is my community,” Vogel said when talking about younger generations in Mason.

The Cotillion Ball will be a collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, Historical Commission, Downtown Development Authority, Seventh Michigan Volunteer Infantry Company and Michigan Area Historical Society, to name a few, Vogel said.

“Mason raised us, and it’s our night to raise Mason. People will leave with a sense of community pride, more respect, and hopefully a romance for their home,” Vogel said.

Vogel has experience planning large galas for the Mason public that leave guests with an intimate feel.

“People leave with warmth,” Vogel said after planning and attending the second gala for Mason Public Schools and Walnut Hill.

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