Ingham County residents currently not concerned with May sales tax proposal

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By Jamie Brewer

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 7.19.31 PMIngham County Chronicle 

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INGHAM COUNTY-The sales tax proposal to help fix Michigan’s roads has been the main concern for many politicians, but not for the residents of Ingham County.

On May 5 voters will decide whether to increase sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent to help fix Michigan’s roads, bridges and railways.

The proposal starting Oct. 1 that will raise $1.34 billion will go to fix transit and rail, schools, local units of government and restore the Earned Income Tax credits to low-wage workers that was cut back in 2011.

“Time frame is soon because we have to do something about our roads,” Gov. Rick Snyder said to legislative leaders on Dec. 18.

The proposal passed with two thirds of the vote from the House and Senate on Dec. 12.
The ballot proposal would increase vehicle registration fees by $45 million and fees for heavy trucks by $50 million.

This will end the 10 percent rollback new-car owners receive for three years after purchasing a vehicle.

Bill Conklin, managing director of Ingham County Roads Department, said about half of the roads in Ingham County need repairs and the increase would greatly help the amount of funding the department currently receives.

“There is a continued lack of maintenance,” Conklin said.
Ashley Lamb, manager of Lansing’s Lamb’s Gates Antiques, said the sales tax has not been a topic of conversation.

“It’s not even on our radar right now and customers aren’t even mentioning it,” Lamb said.
Grand River Bait and Tackle president Anna Werner does not think the proposal will affect her.
“Taxes go up and down. I wouldn’t have a second thought,” Werner said.

It is a toss up whether Michigan voters will approve the proposal because it is still early, according to Conklin.

“If people learn more they will have more of an open mind,” Conklin said. “Further information is needed” by the public.

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