Golden harvest offers good music and a great breakfast

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Golden harvest offers a blend of good music and a great breakfast.


By Darren Weiss

Old Town Reporter

Old Town Lansing Times



LANSING, —No shoes, no shirt, no service! That phrase, along with many other phrases and old toys and dolls is what you see when you walk into one of Lansing’s popular breakfast joint, Golden Harvest in Old Town.


“From being out of state and not knowing the popularity of Golden Harvest, I was at first taken back by all the old toys, posters and music that surrounded the restaurant three times the size of my dorm room,” said Michael Dobbin, Michigan State sophomore. “When the food came, I instantly fell in love.”


Golden Harvest was established in the 1950’s, but it became the restaurant it is today when Zane and Vanessa Vicknair bought the restaurant in 2004.


Tim Gleason has worked at Golden Harvest for over 12 years. He says the restaurant has strict rules customers must abide by, which include waiting outside instead of inside the restaurant until there is an open table.


“There isn’t enough room for people to stand at the open area at the front, especially if you’re sitting at table one, (the table closest to the door),” he said. “You don’t want people’s butt in your face.”


Golden Harvest also has a unique concept within the modern business world. They only accept cash payments.


“The reimbursement on those slide machines, (referring to the credit-card processing devices) it takes ridiculously long for the transaction to go through, not to mention they (the credit card companies) charge you for every swipe, “Gleason said. “It makes it quicker and easier if we just accept cash.”


Scott Russell, a Battle Creek resident, often comes to East Lansing for business and found Golden Harvest online when he searched ‘Breakfast places in Lansing’. Ever since his first visit, he makes it a point to dine there whenever he is in the area.


“The food is unbeatable, especially for me, the omelets, everything from the combinations to the taste and ingredients is very sophisticated for a ‘diner’,” Russell said.


Although he loves the food, Russell isn’t a fan of waiting outside for what can be a long time before he is seated. However, he ultimately thinks it is worth the wait.


”Part of the game to is to time how long it takes”, he said. “The place just has a great vibe to it,” he said. You can tell the regulars that come in a lot along with the staff that is very friendly.”


Golden harvest was recently featured on ESPN’s Taste of the Town. Taste of the Town is featured once a week during the annual college football game of the week as ESPN does a short snippet on famous restaurants that lye with-in a college town.


Former Michigan State student Natalie Gray first learned about Golden Harvest through ESPN’s Taste of the Town.


“I remember watching the football game against Notre Dame with my friends when they showed Golden Harvest,” Gray said. “Not being from Lansing, I never heard of it and wanted to try it. I just love the vibe every time I’m there.”


Popular food on the menu includes Captain Crunch French Toast and a French Toast and Egg Sandwich.

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