Frosting spread and sprinkles dropped at Williamston Library

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By Bryce Airgood
The Williamston Post


Mary Frattarelli proudly displaying her work.

There was one more reason for kids to get excited to go to the Williamston Library Friday, Feb. 13. Instead of being able to enjoy just books, kids ages 6-14 could also decorate Valentine’s Day cards and cookies.

Dubbed Sweets for your Sweetie, this was the first time this event was held at the library. Jean Lewis, a library assistant, created and ran the event.

“I thought (the event) was a good way for younger kids to get a valentine without spending a lot of money or having to go very far,” said Lewis.

Six children registered to attend Sweets for your Sweetie, but only four showed up during the hour-long event.

“I was hoping for a better turnout, but lots of factors affect library events (attendance),” said Lewis. “If it’s the end of a long week, or if they’re going away for a long weekend, or even the weather can affect it and keep people from coming.”

The lack of attendance meant there were plenty of supplies to go around, as Lewis set up enough supplies to occupy 12 kids.

Some children took full advantage of the opportunity and made multiple valentines and cookies.


Lewis helps Mary wrap her cookies in cellophane for safe travel.

Mary Fratarelli, a student at Williamston Elementary School, made a cookie for each member of her family. She also made a multilayered card for her school crush, Isaac.

“He gave me heart shaped chocolates and a card at the Valentine’s party at school today,” she said. “He didn’t tell me he got them for me at first though, his friends told me.”

His friends also sang silly songs around the young couple said Mary, which she didn’t like. Her brother, Vincenzo, feels differently about the matter when the same situation happens to him.


Vincenzo enjoys a cookie he made for himself.

“It doesn’t bother me,” the first grader said as he decorated a cookie for his own special someone. “’Cause I might marry her one day.”

Not all the children had romance on their minds. Oliver Magee also made cookies for his family, along with Henry Whitwam, who made it for his brother who couldn’t be there.

Sweets for your Sweetie was free as the library programming budget paid for the event.

The library usually has 15-20 programs or events a season, which are scheduled the season before and run by the library assistants. For more information about events at the library, visit here.

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