City Council doesn’t want to go up in smoke

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Dolley poses by an American flag.

By Bryce Airgood
The Williamston Post

Citizens listened as council members discussed the Woodstove Ordinance and a possible flag program Monday evening.

Alan Dolley, city manager, said, “The outdoor wood boiler issue relates to how the continual smoke would possibly affect the comfort and quality of life for other citizens in the surrounding neighborhoods.”

Councilwoman Sandy Whelton said, “I would like to see some more research, because I don’t even know what it is and I’m getting calls. I don’t understand it.”

Some questions that people might ask, according to Dolley, would be how smoke would affect neighbors in a congested area and whether populated places would be the best home for the devices.
Action has been postponed until Dolley has time to do more research for the Council.

Mixed Feelings on Kiwanis Flag Program

There was also talk of the Kiwanis flagpole program. At the previous council meeting held Jan. 26, Jill Cutshaw of Kiwanis gave a presentation on the subject to the Council. Cutshaw was seeking support from the council to help Kiwanis raise money for the program.

People and businesses would pay $40 per year to have a flag placed in their front lawns during certain holidays according to the draft of the meeting’s minutes.

Some council members had doubts about the program.

“Some wild and crazy kids might decide one night to steal them,” said Whelton.

Other members, like Ben Stiffler, were more supportive.

“I’m for the American flag … whatever it takes,” he said.

Council members charged Dolley with doing more research until they took any more action on the program.

The meeting was held Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. The next city council meeting will be held Monday, Feb. 23 at city hall at 7 p.m.

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