Holiday Craft Show returns

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By Cameron Dunlap
The Mason Times

For the 16th consecutive year on Nov. 13, right around deer season, the Ingham County Fairgrounds hosted the Mason Holiday Craft Show.

Gladys Welker, the founder of the Mason Holiday Craft Show is hoping for another successful year, with her now having new crafters to take part in the show.

“Well some friends of mine, and people I know as crafters always wanted to have a show for our different work, so we got together and created this,” said Welker. “At my booth I have quilts, sewing stuff along with different pies.”

Besides the items at Gladys’ booth, the Mason Holiday Craft Show has an assortment of quilted blankets, breads, cookies, pillows, sweaters, jewelry, custom made lamps, lawn decorations, Christmas decorations, spices, sauces, picture frames, old cassettes, fudge and numerous other items.

Robin Ostrowski who works in Mason has been attending the show every year, and this year came with the expectation to leave with some new things.

“I love cats, so I definitely had to get some cat toys, but I also wanted to pick up some Christmas presents for my family,” said Ostrowski

Heidi McLellan the creator of Heidi’s Own Recipe has been a part of the Mason Holiday Craft Show for all 16 years.

“I don’t have an online store or an actual business, so besides word of mouth this craft show is how I generate a lot of my business,” said McLellan

Gladys Welker looks forward to this event every year and gets a lot of enjoyment out of seeing it be successful.

 “It’s just a really enjoyable time talking with other crafters and seeing what they like doing,” said Welker.

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