Williamston cleans up charter language

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By Katie Krall and Tiago Zielske
The Williamston Post

Voters in the City of Williamston approved three charter amendments Tuesday.

Those in favor totaled 56.18 percent on the Deputy Administrative Officers Proposal, which will amend Section 6.6, Chapter 6 of the Charter. This amendment will allow the City Council to authorize deputy administrative officers and those same officers will be appointed and removed by the city manager.

The next two Charter amendments were accepted by wider margins.

Charter Amendment Section 6.4, Chapter 6. passed with 75.81 percent of the vote. This amendment will delete obsolete references to the City Justice of the Peace and City Justice Court in the listed clerk’s responsibilities.

Voters approved Charter Amendment section 8.9 by 78.9 percent, which will make claims against the city for injury to persons and property in accordance with state law.

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