Township hits the road to bring out votes

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By Kelsey Banas
The Meridian Times

Meridian Township has been reaching out to get people involved in the election.

Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus said he hopes to be more involved every year to increase turnout. This year, a voter registration drive at Okemos High School, and an outreach was held at a health facility to increase voter awareness.

“I participated in Michigan State University’s YouVote with support staff and the clerk of East Lansing to improve registration and turnout of college students through a multi-month period,” said Dreyfus.

MSU’s YouVote is a non-partisan voting initiative informing students how to register, where to vote, what is on the ballot and more.

On Nov. 1, the last day absentee ballots could be received by mail, the clerk’s office extended hours.

HOMTV will be tweeting and updating Facebook posts on its page with live coverage of the election streaming on its website and local channel all evening Nov. 4.

Penney Stephen, HOMTV administrative assistant, said HOMTV is getting people to vote and stay involved with the election through social media.

“The main ways in getting people to vote is making sure they get a lot of information,” said Stephen. “We bring as much information to the public as possible by informing them on different proposals and who the candidates are.”

Deputy Clerk Joan Horvath said the two weeks before the election are when the township starts to get very busy, and it picks up as Election Daygets closer.

Horvath said ballots were sent out Oct. 1, with 4,100 ballots issued compared to 4,600 issued four years ago for the previous governor’s race.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Voters at the polls must show a picture ID before they are allowed to vote.

Registered residents can view a sample ballot by entering their voter information online at

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