Snyder re-elected after projected close race

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By Connor Hansen
The Lansing Star


After an expected tight race for Michigan’s Governor, incumbent Rick Snyder was re-elected over Mark Schauer.

Snyder won with a 51 percent vote over Schauer’s 47 from 99 percent of the precincts. After Schauer made a last minute push for votes, getting over 145,000 more votes than Snyder in Wayne County, it was not enough to get the turnout he needed in Detroit.

Getting voters to come out in Detroit was Schauer’s greatest hope in winning this election, since they historically lean towards the Democratic candidate. Paul Conn, a former political science professor at Michigan State University and political consultant, does not think Schauer did everything he could to get vote from Detroit Democrats. “It’s tough to overcome when unemployment is down, more people are working and there is more optimism,” Conn said.

Detroit Democrats might not have felt the need to go out and vote, because things are getting better in the City and they didn’t feel the need for change. “The state is in better shape than it was two years ago, more people are working and things are getting better,” Conn said

Although Snyder took the lead by a significant margin, it was much closer than his 2010 win of 58 percent over Lansing mayor Virg Bernero’s 39 percent. However, this year Schauer had approximately 10,000 fewer votes than Bernero had in Detroit.

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Justin Fisher sits in his office waiting for results to come in. (Photo by Connor Hansen)

“In 2010 they lacked the voter turnout they desperately needed and at this point it appears that the same thing has happened,” said Justin Fisher, a junior lobbyist at Capitol Strategies Group. “Voters turned out and the numbers speak for themselves. People genuinely believe that Snyder has done a lot lot of positive things for the state.”

Schauer’s plans to change Snyder’s policies such as his tax on pensions, were not enough to change the minds of voters yesterday, who seem to be comfortable with the way things are heading with Rick Snyder.

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