Pumpkin passing party a hit with Delhi residents

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photo (2)By Kelsey Block
The Holt Journal

On the chilly morning of Nov. 1, crews were putting the last of the finishing touches on Delhi Township’s Sycamore Trail as the Friends of the Delhi Trail set up for the Great Pumpkin Pass.

Starting at 4 p.m, Delhi Township residents lined the trail, taking turns to carry a small pumpkin from the intersection of Jolly and Aurelius roads to the Valhalla Park pavilion. They made it in 55 minutes, 11 seconds, and were greeted with hot cider and pumpkin cookies provided by Friends of the Delhi Trails.

Jared Yenchar was the last person to carry the pumpkin. Going down on one knee, Yenchar presented it to Mark Jenks, the director of Delhi Township Parks and Recreation.

photo (3)

“It was fun,” the 11-year-old Yenchar said. “All eyes were on me.”

Since the opening of the trail in late September, a diverse group of people has been using the trail, Jenks said.

“Moms with strollers, seniors on bikes, joggers,” he said. “Last weekend we had hundreds of people on the trails, and the numbers only grow.”

Jan Stuart, a member of Friends of the Delhi Trails, said she’s excited about the new trail because of its connection with the Lansing River Trail.

“You can ride for miles in a safe environment,” she said.

George Hayhoe, after whom Hayhoe Trail in Mason is named, calls himself a trail enthusiast. He said he and his wife have traveled on trails all over the state.

“It’s safe and fun,” Hayhoe said. “And this has all the benefits of being close to home.”

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