Ice Storm Brings Potential Change to Your Community

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Remember the ice storm in December of 2013 that affected a lot of residents causing significant power outages during the holiday season?

The Nov. 4th mid-term election ballot proposal gives residents of the greater Lansing area opportunity to voice their opinions on issues affecting their community.

Due to this tragedy within the Lansing area, the Lansing Board of Water and Light’s (BWL) experienced various issues with BWL customers.

Mayor Virg Bernero has made it his obligation to give his community the chance to vote concerning this issue.

“After the evaluation on how well the Board of Water and Light’s handled the ice storm, it was then recommended that the Mayor of Lansing have more authority on how this state of emergency should be handled,” said Randy Hannan, executive assistant to Mayor Virg Bernero.

Many homeowners suffered from falling branches and trees causing power outages in all homes across Lansing according to BWL December 2013 Ice Storm Outage Report.

“I was without a job for 5-6 days because we lost power in my store out in Mason,” said Cameron Pohl, Old Town resident. “I had to stay with my girlfriend out in Grand Ledge for nearly a week ½.”

At a city council meeting, customers were furious asking demanding questions like just how much longer they had to deal with living in the cold, according to Hannan.

Because communities wanted to have a stronger voice on how the Board of Water and Light’s dealt with the ice storm, Bernero made it his priority to get the community more involved with a 4th ballot proposal.

On this ballot voters will be able to choose who else will be apart of board of directors.

According to Hannan, the city charter will allow three new non-voter members on the Board of Water and Light including: Lansing, Delta Township, and will rotate among four other small townships.

These cities will now have a voice on what’s to be improved regarding BWL.

“I think it’ll be very beneficial to have smaller townships on the board of directors because this past ice storm effected us all,” said Kimberly Emens, Old Town resident.

“I was out of power for almost 2 weeks, and I didn’t feel like BWL even cared.”

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