Hot–button issues, popular candidates draw voters

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By Jessica Steeley
Entirely East Lansing

East Lansing residents joined citizens across the country Tuesday to vote for candidates and policies.

Diane Tubbs, who voted at the Hannah Community Center in East Lansing, said she votes in every major election.

She said the main thing that brought her to the polls was the gubernatorial election. “I just want to keep the state going the way I think it should be going,” Tubbs said.


Joe Ross, another voter at the community center, East Lansing’s 3rd Precinct, said, “I definitely wanted to make sure Snyder got re-elected.”

“And Sam Singh,” Ross said, “I was excited about Sam Singh.”

“Sam’s the smartest guy running,” said Ross. Incumbent Gov. Rick Snyder is a Republican. Singh, former mayor of East Lansing, is the Democratic incumbent for the Michigan House’s 69th District.

Eddie Okuniewski said that he also came out for the candidates.

Okuniewski, who voted at Edgewood United Church in East Lansing’s 10th Precinct, said he came out to vote for U.S. Senate candidate Gary Peters and gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer. Both are Democrats.

“I like their policies, and I personally know Gary Peters,” Okuniewski said.

A pair of voters from the 3rd Precinct, who asked to remain unnamed, said that the school board candidates election was a big thing for them. That election has pits candidates over the closing of Red Cedar Elementary.

Besides just candidates, voters were also interested in voting for issues.

“The wolf hunting was interesting,” Ross said. “I think the NRC should have more control.”

A voter from the 10th Precinct, who preferred to remain unnamed, said that East Lansing’s land sale issue was important to her.

“I just disagree with it,” she said.

Beside this issue, she said it is important to vote.

“I work for the Senate, so I should definitely vote,” she said.

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