Haslett School Board Elections

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By Michelle Ghafari
The Meridian Times

Haslett Public Schools’ Board of Education has three open seats. Two people will be elected for 4-year terms and two others for the 6-year term.

Current Trustee and Incumbent for the 6-year term Christine Coady, who is running for a 6-year term, said, “Most people don’t really know what a school board does. The school board only has a couple of responsibilities and they are very big picture. We are responsible to set policies for the district, we are responsible to set the goals for the district, we hire and evaluate the superintendent, and we provide a link to the community.”

The board’s main goal is to ensure that students are gaining top quality education on all levels.

“As we look toward the future, we will continue to be focused on student achievement, enhanced technology and providing safe and secure facilities that can be enjoyed by the entire community.” said vice president of the Haslett Board of Education Kristen Beltzer.

Molly Polverento, running for a 4-year term said, “The Board of Education is responsible for providing oversight of the schools and district as a whole. This includes financial oversight, which I think is the most important responsibility for the Board. Without closely monitoring the district’s finances none of the other goals for the district can be achieved.”

Coady says a few important skills that make up a good school board include acting with a consensus, careful consideration and a good relationship with the superintendent.

Coady says it will be one of her responsibilities to help get the new members comfortable and confident once they start their term in the middle of the school year. “One thing that’s unique about a school board is that we’re a group of seven and all of our authority rests in that group,//period, nw sentence here. You don’t have an ounce of authority as an individual,” said Coady.

Beltzer said, “The people that are running will be bring new energy and new ideas which will be instrumental in keeping the district moving forward and will complement the existing board.”

Tammy Lemmer, another trustee said, “Haslett has strong, positive relationships across all buildings and between administration and staff. I would like to see that continue. We also have to continue minimize the impact of funding cuts on students and classrooms.”

Heather Stuht Meingast, candidate for a 6-year term said, “Teachers, administrators and the superintendent all seem to function together very well. There’s good cohesiveness and team spirit going on.”

“I have got some great opponents and we’ll see what happens. All of us would make great choices. It’s too bad we can’t all be elected,” said Meingast.

“I think it is important for people to vote in every election. It is the way that we can all participate in the decision-making process at all levels and the outcomes of elections do have a very tangible impact on everyone. In regard to the Haslett School Board, it is particularly important because we will be electing at least three new members for the Board. This is almost half of the members and we need to make sure we elect members that are ready to help shape the future of our District and to make decisions that will help it continue to be successful in years to come,” said Polverento.

“I believe it is critical for all citizens to vote in all elections.  Representative democracy is the platform for our system of government. No race is too small,” said Lemmer.


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