Drocha, Waltz, Brown elected

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By Cameron Dunlap
The Mason Times

Although it was projected to rain, that did not stop voters from getting out to City Hall and voting.

“I’ve been working the polls before President Obama’s first election and this seems to be the second biggest turnout including the presidential elections,” said Christine McElhone.

Final unofficial results for the Mason City Council showed that Marlon Brown and Jon Droscha will return to council for another term. Mike Waltz, who held a seat from 2007-2012, will rejoin council.

Of 6,077 votes, Droscha came in first, accounting for 1,341 of the votes. Mike Waltz was second with 1,258 and Brown was third with 1,165 votes. Rita Vogel received 903, Angela Madden had 716 and Jeffrey Wiggins received 694.

McElhone said she believes that warnings of rain made people vote sooner to miss that rain.

“Voting was out the door to the parking lot making an L around the building,” said Mason City Clerk Deborah Cwiertniewicz.

One voter in that line was timed and it took him just eight minutes after joining the line to get a ballot.

There were no issues at the polls and all the voting equipment worked “beautifully” with no issues, according Cwiertniewicz.

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