Waverly school board members unopposed in Nov. 4 election

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By Kelsie Patrick
Lansing Township News


waverly2LANSING TOWNSHIP — The four Waverly School Board members running unopposed to keep their seats next month will spend their terms seeing through a five-year plan to improve the school district.

The board members are Calvin L. Jones, Mary Ann Martin, Britt Slocum and Alan Wright. All citizens within the school district can vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

The Waverly Board of Education approved the 2011-2016 plan in May 2011. This Strategic Planning Team was made up of district staff, parents and community members.

The plan consists of five strategies: communications, professional development, instruction, character development and technology. Each of these strategies consists of elements and action plans to enhance Waverly Community Schools. For example, raising standards for new staff in the hiring process, using technology to better educate students and integrating social and behavioral skills into the curriculum.

One Waverly mother said she has noticed some changes.

“One thing I’ve noticed is how much more my kids use technology every year for school,” said Mandy Martin, whose two children attend Waverly schools. “Waverly has really implemented that into their methods of learning.”

One major step the board and supporters of Waverly School District took was the Waverly Technology Bond, which voters passed on May 7, 2013. The Technology Bond raises $18.4 million over 10 years.

Use of the bond proceeds has been prioritized through three series of bonds. The majority of the infrastructure — wireless, network upgrades, security etc. — will be completed during the first series along with the first wave of new student devices and replacement computers.

The second series primarily includes audiovisual equipment, such as document cameras, PA system enhancements, and classroom sound systems, while the third series includes equipment replacement to ensure the ongoing success of this initiative.

“Waverly schools have had a good thing going for a long time. I hope their plan continues to grow and succeed,” said Lisa Holwitz, a Lansing Township citizen.

Calvin L. Jones was appointed to the Waverly Community Schools Board of Education inwaverly 2001 with an unexpired term of office. He was reelected in 2002 and again in 2006. Mr. Jones has served as president, secretary, treasurer, and vice secretary-treasurer, and has served on the finance/personnel, policy, and facility committees and is the current trustee. He also has served on the strategic planning committee.

“I’m honored to work with parents, students and educational leaders to advance educational excellence for each student,” said Jones.

Mary Ann Martin is currently serving her ninth year on the Waverly Community Schools Board of Education as the Secretary. She has held the offices of Treasurer and Vice Secretary-Treasurer, and is currently the Board’s secretary.

Britt Slocum has served on the Waverly Community Schools Board of Education for eight years, first being elected in 2001 and reelected in 2005 and 2009. He currently serves as the president of the board, and has also held the offices of vice president, treasurer and vice secretary-treasurer.

Alan Wright, the current Treasurer, was appointed to the Waverly Community Schools Board of Education in 2012 to fill an unexpired term.  Mr. Wright is the Deputy Director of Information Services for the Michigan State Senate and an Adjunct Instructor at Davenport University.

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