Voters’ pre-election views of issues

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By Mandi Fu
The Bath-DeWitt Connection

Time is moving closer to election on Nov. 4, some residents from DeWitt and Bath are starting to prepare for the issues and parties.

Many residents said they are going to vote for the up-coming election. According to data on Clinton County’s website, the turn out of election for DeWitt and Bath area is ranged from 10 percent to 26 percent for the passed August. Judy Hood, 78, has been a Democrats for more than 50 years: “Oh I always vote…since I was able to vote”.  Steve Willis, 69, the chairman of Clinton county Republican Party, also said that he would vote for the election. “We are actually walk for candidates, and probably make phone calls for candidates…I’m actually distribution point for yard signs”, said by Willis about his pre-election preparation.  And Cathryn Giunta, a co-funder and a managing partner, also said that she would vote on this election. But she does not have a strong tendency.

When asking people who have a strong tendency about the reason of supporting one specific party or against another one, they express different ideas. Hood said that she support Democratic Party because she thinks they really care about people while Republican Party only cares about money: “They (Democrats) just think everybody should have rights, and it seems to me that the Republicans only care about the rich and the upper classes of the country”. While Tim Fair, 52, a technological business owner and a  Republican, said that Democratic Party support bigger government: “…and they want the governments to run for individuals’ rights. That’s what they want.”

According to the data from 2010 on “Census Viewer”, rates of supporters for Republican Party in Bath area is 19.61 percent while for Democratic Party is 6.31 percent. And in DeWitt area, the difference is even bigger: 26.17 percent for Republicans and 5. 47 percent for Democrats.

Robert Showers

Robert Showers, the Clinton County Commissioner, explained reason behind the gap between supporters of Democrats and those of Republicans. He said because there are a lot of farmers who live in DeWitt and Bath area, ideas of them tend to be more conservative, which fit with the main statement of Republican Party, than liberal, which stands for Democrats.



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