Trowbridge Plaza becoming Trowbridge Village

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By Jessica Steeley
Entirely East Lansing

Trowbridge Plaza, the strip mall at Harrison Road and Trowbridge Road, is being reconstructed into Trowbridge Village, which will contain a new apartment building and grocery store.

Trowbridgre Construction workers
Patty Sutherland, the owner of East Lansing Hot Yoga, said she is “excited as can be” about the redevelopment.

“I can hardly contain myself,” Sutherland said, “It’s an apartment building for college students, when my main customers are college students.”

David Castro, a construction worker at the site, said, “This will be some eye candy.”

“We’re going to be a shiny new penny, because we’ve been run-down, and now we’re going to look beautiful,” said Sutherland.

Tracy West, an employee at a hotel near the construction site, said, “I’m all for the change. That’s the main thoroughfare, and I think it will look nice.”

“This is a gateway, one of the gateways to East Lansing,” said Sutherland, “We want an attractive plaza here so that people can come into the city and think ‘Wow, what a beautiful city’.”

“I think it’s going to be good for Trowbridge Road,” said West.

Trowbridge Development
Sutherland said she doesn’t mind the construction, and she thinks the contractors want the redevelopment to benefit the community.

Sutherland is also excited for the new organic food store that is coming, Fresh Thyme, because it will apply to her clientele.

Fresh Thyme is “breaking into the Midwest market,” said Castro, “It’s a new market for them.”

Hot Yoga, Subway, an existing print shop and Hobie’s Café and Pub are all staying in the plaza, said Castro. The shops are all open during construction.

Castro said that at the front of the plaza there is going to be an apartment building with shops underneath. He said he thinks July 14 is the projected apartment opening date.

“I really, really think this will create a dynamic gateway to East Lansing,” said Castro.

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