Third annual Ruth’s Race raises thousands for Holt community and beyond

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Ruth's Race participants

By Laniesha Evans
Holt Journal

“In the past, the Ruth Race fundraiser has donated over 5,000 dollars to the H.O.L.T. Scholarship fund. And there are currently ten H.O.L.T. scholarship recipients,” said Holt Schools Superintendent Dr. Johnny Scott.”

On October 4th the Delhi/Holt community came together to participate in the third annual multi-cause 5k walk and run fundraiser, known as Ruth’s Race. The race is in memory of former Holt High School track coordinator, Ruth Pridgeon who passed away from pancreatic cancer.
The race is coordinated annually by Holt High School Varsity Track Coach and Ruth’s Race Director, Ross Malatinsky and volunteer committee to raise awareness and to donate to help fight pancreatic cancer, multiple sclerosis, and H.O.L.T Scholarship fund.

Malatinsky said, “We donate to each cause Pancan, MS Society, H.O.L.T. Scholarship Program. A combination of the funds we raised from the race along with the revenue that we generate  from Holt track club Summer Program, which is another program that Ruth and I started over five years ago to promote the sport of track and field and healthy living. We should be able to donate a couple thousand dollars to each of the three causes.”

A large crowd of high school students, parents and members of the community participated in this race despite the rainy weather conditions.

“The weather does not bother me because I love running, plus this event is benefiting multiple causes and giving multiple students a chance to have higher education with scholarships,” said Board of Trustee candidate Rick Brooks.

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