Animal shelter tries to help dogs find homes in Dogtober

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By Cameron Dunlap
The Mason Times

The Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter will be hosting its first discounted dog adoption event called Dogtober, for the rest of October.

Dogtober, originally slated to begin Oct 15 was pushed to Oct 7 due to the Ingham shelter being out of room and overloaded with adoptable dogs.

All dogs for the rest of Dogtober will cost $30 to adopt compared to the original $100 price tag. The price decrease is thanks to a volunteer/sponsor for the shelter donating “a lot” of money to make-up for the difference, according to Ashley Hayes the volunteer and special events coordinator of the shelter.

Each adopted dog will come with a microchip, county license and rabies vaccination. Each adopted dog will also be neutered and spayed.

As of 3:30 p.m. Oct. 9, the shelter had helped seven dogs find new homes thanks to Dogtober.

“This first week is more of a soft rollout just because of the date change. Now that we’ve had some more coverage we’re expecting people to start rolling in,” said Hayes.

Thanks to the advertisements on Facebook, and news coverage the shelter has brought in people from Mason but other cities nearby and beyond.

“I’ve been looking to get another dog for two to three months now, after talking to the kids about it and hearing about this deal from my wife, I had to check it out,” said Joel Withenshaw, a Dimondale resident.

The 70 percent decrease in adoption prices isn’t the only reason people are coming out to check the dogs, either.

“I’d personally rather adopt a rescue dog than going to a breeder and buying one because it just feels better,” said Withenshaw.

Emma Cunningham, a Lansing resident who heard about the Dogtober deals through her mother, went to the Ingham shelter, found a dog and then began the adoption process in only a couple hours.

The Ingham shelter has a variety of dogs including Pit bull mixes (most abundant), German shepherd mixes, Labrador retriever mixes, Yorkshire terrier, Poodles, along with others.

The Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter is located at 600 Curtis St., Mason, MI 48854.

Monday: Closed                         Saturday: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
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Friday: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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