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By Jamie DeRosa
Entirely East Lansing

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This fall, Michigan will experience a general election, which will see candidates running for offices multiple political positions including senator, governor, and representative positions. With the election set to take place on Nov. 4, the Oct. 6 deadline of registering to register to vote is approaching.

The city of East Lansing and Michigan State University are looking at the election as an opportunity to inform the many young people in the area on as to why they should register and take part in an event that they may not have been able to before. The Associated Students of Michigan State University, is a student run organization whose mission statement is to make a collective student voice.

“We’ve identified helping students vote in this election because among all voting groups it is young people that show the largest detachment from their government…” states vice president of governmental affairs at ASMSU said the organization’s vice president of governmental affairs, KC Perlberg. “When one considers how simple it is to do, and what prices were paid to secure it, voting is a right that we can’t afford not to exercise.”

The organization has been sending out emails as well as handing out flyers all in an effort to inform the MSU population. Leading up to the deadline it’s very likely students will see members of the organization around campus informing students on how to approach the process of registering to vote.

With all the buzz of the election going around students at MSU are starting to think that it’s time to get more involved with their community then they may have before.

“I used to not even think about voting, let alone who was running for whatever election was going on,” said Michigan state sophomore Travis Conte. “But now I think it’s time to start participating. I feel like it’s part of becoming an adult.”

“Voting is a great equalizer – every person has the ability to shape the future of his or her community, state and our country,” said East Lansing City Clerk Marie E. Wicks. “Students must see voting not just as a right, but an obligation of citizenship.”

An event such as this election gives the elder members of East Lansing a chance to stress the importance of voting to the large younger population that lives in East Lansing, many of which have possibly never voted before.

“I believe that voting helps students to feel like engaged and invested members of the community and that this is a valuable part of the college experience, Wicks said. experience.” Marie states. “Hopefully, they’ll want to stick around after graduation!”

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