New Multimodal Gateway Under Construction in East Lansing

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By Jessica Steeley
Entirely East Lansing

A new capital area multimodal gateway is being constructed at the site of the Amtrak and Greyhound station in East Lansing.

The project is a cooperative effort between Michigan State University, CATA, and the Michigan Department of Transportation.

“Everybody’s trying hard to make it a little bit nicer,” said Patrick Groom, the project supervisor of the construction site.

Groom said that the new building is going to be 9,000 square feet.

There is more information about the construction is available in the CATA newsletter.

Groom said that the new station will be nicer than the current one, and it will be larger

“It’s gonna be nice, you know, there will be better bus loops, more parking,” said Groom.

John Stitzel, a bus driver for Indian Trails, said, “There is no station there, it’s just a building that doesn’t hold enough people.”

He said that people waiting for a bus or train have no cover from the weather when the station is closed.

“If the station was open later, that’d be nice,” said Reed Payant, a senior at MSU. He said that he had come to the station once and it closed early, so he had to come back the next day to buy a ticket.

Payant said it is good that the station is being made bigger.

“It’s a good way to travel,” said Payant about the bus, “It’s also cheaper and good for my family.”

“I expect great things,” said Stitzel. “If there is going to be new buildings and new places to go, I expect great things.”

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