Mason Man still at-large in Animal Abuse Case

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By Shane Stockwell
The Mason Times

Three weeks later and the search is still on for Benjamin Conley, who disappeared from the Ingham County courthouse minutes prior to his sentencing. Benjamin Conley was found guilty of animal torture, along with his brother Nicholas, in August. Nicholas Conley is currently serving his sentence in Ingham County jail, while the Lansing Police Department continues its search for brother Benjamin.

The brothers were being charged for the malicious torture of their mother’s pit bull. People saw the brothers hanging the pit bull from the roof of their house with a chain and noticed stab wounds.

Deputy Kyle Hanney was called to the house, 1717 Illinois Ave., Lansing, Michigan, on Sept. 6, 2013. Hanney saw the battered dog fighting for its life with a chain around its neck. Attached to the chain was a cinder block, restricting the dog from pulling its head up. The pit bull was later euthanized at Ingham County Animal Control.

This isn’t Benjamin Conley’s first run in with the law. He has also faced charges for unlawful imprisonment and assault and battery. Nicholas has a felony conviction as well.

Hanney says it’s not a matter of whether Benjamin Conley is found, but when. There is currently a bench warrant out for Conley’s arrest. Deputy Hanney stated that this is the most horrid case he has worked on.

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