Julee Rodocker looks to bring community experience to the Lansing School Board

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By Josh Thall, The Lansing Star

Editors note: This November, voters in Lansing will elect three School Board members from a ballot of seven candidates; including two members who are looking to be reelected. Among the main issues in this election are enrollment, school district perception and student achievement.

Incumbents Shirley M. Rodgers and Guillermo Z. Lopez are seeking reelection while the third member whose term is up, Charles Ford, will not be running for another term.

The challengers are: Bryan Beverly, S. Joy Gleason, Thomas Patrick Morgan, Julee Rodocker and Randy Watkins.

Each school board member that gets elected will serve a six year term.

Lansing — Julee Rodocker was raised in Lansing, graduating from Everett High School, and now is looking to continue her community involvement by running to be on the Lansing School Board.

Lansing School Board candidate Julee Rodocker.

Lansing School Board candidate Julee Rodocker. Photo courtesy Julee Rodocker.

Rodocker, 45, lives on the Southeast side of Lansing, and currently is an electric materials buyer at Consumers Energy.

Rodocker said that she was motivated to run because she grew up in Lansing, going all the way through the district, and she believes in the public school education system.

“It just saddens me today when I hear parents say that they are not sending their children to our Lansing school system,” Rodocker said.

Rodocker also said she believes in community service, and that she wanted to be a part of the positive strategy moving forward to fix the Lansing schools.

Rodocker said that while she does not have a background in education like most of the other board members and candidates, she does have a lot of experience within the community, which she feels sets her apart.

“My background is in retail and utility, but I do have past board experience, and I have been very active in my community,” Rodocker said. “I was neighborhood watch leader, and recently elected vice president of the Old Everett Neighborhood Association.”

Rodocker said that these experiences have shown her how important it is for the Lansing School District to continue to develop aproductive relationship with the parents of students and community partners.

“You can have all the strategic plans you want, but you have to have the entire Lansing community, whether they have children or not, involved,” Rodocker said.

Rodocker said her main goals if she becomes elected include improving the state of the buildings, bringing kids back to the district, focus on early childhood education and improving the dropout rate.


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