Guillermo Z. Lopez looking to win third term on the Lansing School Board

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By Josh Thall, The Lansing Star

Editors note: This November, voters in Lansing will elect three School Board members from a ballot of seven candidates; including two members who are looking to be reelected. Among the main issues in this election are enrollment, school district perception and student achievement.

Incumbents Shirley M. Rodgers and Guillermo Z. Lopez are seeking reelection while the third member whose term is up, Charles Ford, will not be running for another term.

The challengers are: Bryan Beverly, S. Joy Gleason, Thomas Patrick Morgan, Julee Rodocker and Randy Watkins.

Each school board member that gets elected will serve a six year term.

Lansing — Guillermo Z. Lopez, 64, who is recently retiredafter 30 years working for the City of Lansing, is seeking reelection, which if obtained would be his third term on the Lansing School Board.

Lopez, who now lives on the South side of Lansing, was born in Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico. He moved to Weslaco Texas at the age of 4, until he finally moved to Michigan in 1975, but didn’t move to Lansing until 1984.

Lopez said that he decided to run to be on the school board again because he believes that the board has just begun to really make changes within the district such as adopting a five-year-plan that will aim to evaluate the state of the district, and he wants to continue to be a part of the positive change, and continue to help shape the future.

The five-year-plan that Lopez is speaking of refers to a plan that was put into motion this year by the district staff and administration for a set of five goals to be implemented and evaluated to look for improvement within the school district.

The goals that the five year plan are to look at include student achievement, improving the learning environment of the schools, increasing the school district’s community outreach, building support systems and keeping a balanced budget.

Lopez said that some of the things that set him apart include; experience, knowledge of the system, and having been a part of the changes that have been made recently.

“I have been a part of the restructuring of the district for the last 10-12 years, the last two terms,” Lopez said. “I would like to go forward with the plan that we have adopted, and see that through.”

Lopez said that he has three goals he hopes to accomplish if he is to get reelected.

“The first one is that we need to continue improving student achievement and on time graduation rate; the second one is that we need to continue to work on sound financial health, making sure that our finances are kept in check; and the third, but certainly not the least important one is we need to continue to improve the in school environment, and make sure our schools have a climate that is conducive to learning,” Lopez said.



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