DeWitt getting ready for you to vote

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By Yuehan Liu
The Bath-DeWitt Connection

As the time passes, November is coming and the 2014 election is on the way to the stage. Election is always an important but complicated thing for both voters and the government. To the voters, understanding how to vote and who they should vote for is an important decision to be done. And for the government, the whole progress of the campaign also has a lot of details that needs to take care of. By the information from October 2nd the Clinton County Democratic party’s meeting, which holds at the DeWitt City Hall, we know that the government is getting ready for you to vote.

“The most important thing that happens for today’s meeting is we can see the progress we are making, especially making sure that our candidates are running, making sure democracy is getting support”, Dr. Nettie Walker Wood, who is the corresponding secretary in the Clinton Democratic party, said.

As the DeWitt County Clerk and Recorder’s statistic, there are 12,070 voters (, in the city of DeWitt this year for the election. How can the government make sure that they let these voters have enough information to vote and collect their votes accurately?

Member of the Clinton Democracy Party Judy Hood indicated that they are doing the pre-election work for a long time. They spread out the news by social media, email, and paper works.

“The primary concern is contact”, Hood said.

18.pic“people would be divided into small areas, and members would take charge of different areas, we have their contact information, and we also will go talk to them door by door,” Hood said.

As a candidate for the state representative, Josh Derke was busy running for the campaign for a long time. “I have thousand works to do every day,” Derke said.

In the meeting Derke reports what he was doing for last month, by his report it shows how candidates are trying to let voters know more information before the election.

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