Dewey’s Ditty is the Theme for Mason’s 150th Celebration

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By Shane Stockwell
The Mason Times

The city of Mason is turning 150 years old in 2015 and along with it, a Sesquicentennial celebration. People often enjoy music when celebrating and local musician, Dewey Longuski, would agree.

Longuski, 49, lives on the outer edge of Mason and has always had a passion for music. Everyone in his family is gifted in music and all played a big role in forming his love for songwriting. “I tend to come up with a lot of my jingles while driving in my truck,” said Longuski. “My passion is in writing my own song lyrics.”

In lieu of the historic cornerstone creeping closer, Longuski thought he’d put his musical talents to the test and propose a theme song to the Mason 150 committee. On July 21 the committee accepted his proposal, choosing “Making Mason Memories” for the theme song of the 150th celebration.

“Nothing gets done if you wait for someone else to do it,” said Longuski. This will now be the second city that has chosen one of his songs for its theme tune. The previous city being Plainwell, Michigan.

Longuski has always loved music but didn’t get into the jingle business until 2011. Then, he entered his first jingle contest and was chosen by well-known country singer Trace Adkins as one of five finalists. Longuski went on to be crowned the contest winner and to this day that “Waggin’ Train” jingle is his favorite.

Longuski went on to win three more jingle contests and start his own jingle company called “Dewey’s Ditties.” He started “Dewey’s Ditties” in April and has provided three companies with jingles.

Although music and jingles are Longuski’s true loves, he treats it more as a side gig to his research assistant job at the Animal Center at MSU. Longuski graduated from Michigan State in 1987 with a BS in animal science and received his masters in 2003.

Longuski’s goal is to have his jingle business become more well-known around the county and hopefully then across the state. He is also looking forward to his “Making Mason Memories” CD, which comes out in November.

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