Design Committee Compromise on the Enhancement of Old Town

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By: Amber Howard

Old Town Lansing Times

Old Town Lansing – On the first Tuesday of every month, Old Towns Design Committee meet to discuss the many improvements of is it’s historical city.

“Community involvement and upkeep is a challenge in a volunteered driven organization,” said Jennifer Estill, creative director and member of the OTCA Design Committee.

Today members deliberate on the décor for businesses of Old Town all in regards to the upcoming Christmas holiday.

Liz Harrow, member of the Old Town Commercial Association Design Committee, noted two important issues concerning the decoration plans for Christmas.

“We need to address how the garland for the poles will be paid for and who will do the installations for us,” said Liz Harrow.


According to Megan Barrett, Executive Director of Old Town Commercial Association, every expense for the contribution of decorations needs to be accounted for and added into the “2014 work plan budget”.

“Our work plan budget this year is very precise. Any money being spent needs to already be tallied into the budget, no additional cost,” said Megan Barrett.

According to Barrett, the dues being paid by local businesses will cover the garland decorations and related Christmas décor.

“Every business that wants to be apart of the commercial association pays dues to help out in the community,” said Gale Mackenzie, store manager of Lamb’s Gate Antiques.

The committee needs to make a decision of either paying a handy-man to do the work for them or contacting Teen Challenge, a non profit organization that they’ve had help from in the past.

“Both will get the job done, its just a matter of paying a handy-man whose not included in our budget for our 2014 work plan or having the liability of teens completing the job for us,” said Liz Harrow.

According to teenchallege, “Teen Challenge Offers Christ-centered, faith-based solutions to youth, adults and families who struggle with life-controlling problems”.

“The overall goal is to make sure the foundation is concrete before we start building a house,” said Megan Barrett.

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