Delhi trails now entirely non-motorized pathways

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By Ryan Kryska
The Holt Journal

The Delhi Trails are now entirely non-motorized pathways through Delhi Township’s latest addition to the Sycamore trail.

The Delhi Township Board of Trustees voted unanimously in favor of the motor-free provision at its meeting on Oct. 7, 2014.

The Sycamore trail located between Jolly and Willoughby roads provides the community with the luxury of having all of its trails connected and motor-free.

Township Supervisor C.J. Davis said the trail did not cost taxpayers any money and the board is looking into ways to further provide the trails with inexpensive bike racks that double as art.

Increased biking opportunities are one of the Sycamore Trail connection’s benefits.

“We have applied for a grant to cover bike racks on the trails,” said Davis. “We are looking into getting local businesses to buy-in to make the racks a sign of art in the community.”

The community has embraced the bike-friendly culture, including Holt High School ninth grader Anna Schimizz, 14, who bikes the Sycamore Trail to and from school.

Schimizz said she has lived in Delhi Township for 5 years and is a huge fan of the community’s trails and parks.

“I love seeing park developments and especially love the new trails,” said Schimizz. “The way around town use to have a lot of stop rocks but now the trail is very smooth and it is beautiful.”

The trail is open during final construction. “I personally don’t mind since it does not get in the path’s way,” said Schimizz.

C2AE engineering of lansing is doing the construction and Township Clerk Evan Hope said the work is almost finished.
“Some of the firm’s equipment being vandalized by local youth, and the Sycamore Creek’s high-water levels presented some setback but the construction is on pace to be done soon,” said Hope.

Hope and Davis said the community is excited for the new opportunities.

“At a local trails meeting, a man stood up and said he moved here because of the trails,” said Davis. “The trails, along with all of the township’s downtown developments, are going to help future generations of our community.”

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