“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” filming in East Lansing

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By Jessica Steeley
Entirely East Lansing


For a few days during the week of Oct. 13, 2014, super heroes distracted Spartans on Michigan State University’s campus.

A scene from one of the new DC superhero movies, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, id bring shot at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum.

batman v superman
“I think it’s awesome, because we haven’t really experienced anything like this in East Lansing,” said Jeff Jodway who, like many other MSU students, was a curious onlooker at the film site.

“We get to interact with it rather than just see it on the big screen,” he said, while viewing the set in front of the student services building.

Extras costumed as waiters and cooks indicate a big party event is being shot. There are rumors that the scene will be a party hosted by Superman rival Lex Luthor.

Besides the extras, there was also a casting call for Latino-looking people who had catering experience, another clue that points in the direction of a party scene.

A cameraman, who said he had to remain anonymous or risk his job, said they were shooting a four minute scene at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum.

He said that after filming ends in East Lansing, the crew is moving on to shoot in Lansing. He said they just finished shooting in Detroit.

The whole filming is a very secretive operation.None of the museum’s employees are allowed to say anything about the production and neither are the MSU police.

The cameraman said that he was warned, “If you talk to your friends about the movie, your friends will tell us.”

All this secrecy makes the plot of  “Batman V. Superman” more intriguing.

But the filming is affecting the community, other than just piquing curiosity and excitement.

In an e-mail, Jason Cody, a member of MSU’s media communication team, said “Infrastructure Planning and Facilities is closing a portion of East Circle Drive, and multiple sidewalks around the Broad Art Museum, to accommodate a private function.”

He also said, “East Circle Drive will be closed between Farm Lane and the entrance to Parking Lot 7.”

These closures go from Tuesday, Oct. 14, to Friday, Oct. 17,according to Cody. These road closures affect some of the bus routes, most notably route 33, which usually travels right in front of the museum.

“It’s probably good for local businesses though, because all these people are going to need to eat and sleep some place,” said Jodway.

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