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A Sweeper Store

Owner Adam Vogl helps customer Don Davis find the right vacuum.

Owner Adam Vogl helps customer Don Davis find the right vacuum.

By Tony Garcia
The Meridian Times

The Vacuum selection in Okemos just got a whole lot bigger.
Adam Vogl, owner of A Sweeper Store in Frandor, which he says is “the largest vacuum dealer in Mid-Michigan” just opened a new location on Oct. 6 2014, on Grand River Avenue in Meridian Township.

“A Sweeper Store” is not a franchise, but a privately owned vacuum store in Meridian Township. With the original store just a few miles away, Vogl opened his newest store in Okemos after seeing the demand was there.

“The (vacuum) vendors would all complain about how they didn’t have stores up here,” said Vogl. While he understands selling vacuums is not the sexiest venture, it is a necessary and rewarding one.

“It’s something cool to have because you don’t see them that often,” said Vogl. As a one-of-a-kind store, Vogl prides himself on his wide selection, his customer service, and the range of his store’s services.

A Sweeper Store has more than 40 brands, and “this store will carry 200 different vacuums,” said Vogl. “There isn’t a vacuum in the world we can’t get … at least not one that I have come across.”

To get an idea of “the vacuum that fits the customer’s needs and wants,” Vogl asks a multitude of questions when potential buyers come in. “We don’t just sell a vacuum for the sake of selling one,” said Vogl.

Jason Kokx is the general manager under Vogl at A Sweeper Store in Frandor. After working at other vacuum retailers in Detroit, Kokx was looking for an opportunity to expand. After working under Vogl for a few years, he too has adopted the client-first mentality.

“We are more based on customer service. We are about finding what our customers actually need, as opposed to just forcing them (vacuums) on people.” said Kokx.

To better understand the desired use of the vacuum, “We ask about pets allergies, floor type, stairs, furniture, health limitations,” and other factors said Vogl.

Don Davis was one of Vogl’s customers during the first week of business in the new location, and he appreciated the attention to detail. Davis said that he owns many properties that require vacuums of all kinds, and that this was specific enough to where he felt confident to walk out of the store with another vacuum.

“It was a good presentation,” said Davis. As he walked out, he added that he was taking the vacuum to one of his properties, and if he enjoyed it, he was going to come back and get another one.

Selling a vacuum is not the only time Vogl is intent on making his customers happy. A Sweeper Store is also a full vacuum repair store.
“We are the warranty and service center for every brand you can think of.” said Vogl. “We know the ins and outs of all of the vacuums, whether you bought it from us, Home Depot, or wherever.”

Even still, knowledge alone is not enough to get the product back to the customer in a timely fashion. A Sweeper Store has the goal of being as efficient and customer oriented as possible. “98 percent of our repairs are done in 24 hours. The industry average is two and a half weeks.”

Many people assume because A Sweeper Store is a specialty store, it is more expensive than going to a big-box store, however that is not the case.

“When you go to Meijer you think price,” said Vogl. “Our vacuum we sell for $39.99 (The Dirt Devil) Walmart sells for $49.99, and Meijer sells it for $59.99.”

However, A Sweeper Store keeps all demographics in mind. If interested, there is a vacuum available at $1,499.99.

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