Meridian Township Seeks to Expand Parks and Recreational Facilities

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Meridian Township Seeks To Expand Parks and Recreational Facilities

As 2014 comes to a close, the Meridian Township Department of Parks and Recreation looks to move along on the development of multiple parks and facilities in the area.

While progress is a goal, patience is a virtue. LuAnn Maisner is the director of Parks & Recreation, and made it clear that, “the priority is to make sure we finish what we want to do in ’14 … then we can start fresh”.

North Meridian Road Park will come first, as constructing of sand volleyball courts is set to begin any day. According to Robin Faust, administrative assistant for the Department of Parks and Recreation, the contract is finalized, and the goal is to “have them done by the end of October.”

Another primary project for 2014 is finishing up the “Newton Road Park” (this name is temporary, and will not officially be decided upon until the spring of ‘15). Plans include finishing the entry drive, adding a parking lot, fencing and signs. Legg Park is also going through extensive renovations. “We brought in a wetland consultant who surveyed different areas in the park, and tell you how to make them better or enhance them,” said Faust.

The Committee then applied for the “DNR Wildlife Habitat Grant” which would have been worth $50,000 if approved. With this money, the goal was to add landscaping, finishing the parking lot, and even putting in a dog park, however the grant was not approved.

Faust said that even if though the township did not receive the grant, it will likely still make with the advancements.

This likely has to do with the budget increase for the department. The committee has already budgeted $899,000 for 13 projects in 2015, compared to 10 projects in 2014 that needed a total budget of only $75,500. Vice Chair Teri Banas said that the department should “Create a schedule that shows people what’s happening when. (Something that) could be easily disseminated to the public.”

While that is in the works, there are many other projects that need to in separate parks that need to begin. The already existing pavilion in Nancy Moore park will be re-sided, in addition to rebuilding the island drain in the Harris Nature Center.

Wonch Park also applied for a grant for a new pavilion and resurfacing of the parking lot. With more ideas like disc golf courses, canoe docks and pickle-ball courts in the future; the expansion is directed toward getting the residents out and active.

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