Williamston discusses new ideas for welcome sign

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By Tiago Zielske
The Williamston Post

Williamston is looking to build four new welcome signs all the entrances into the city to replace the ones that were demolished.

Councilman Ben Stiffler has gone to Eugene Smith of Signs on the Spot to give a pitch to the council of an idea of what the sign would cost and what it would look like.

Eugene Smith proposed this design for the sign.

Eugene Smith proposed this design for the sign.

Smith brought a concept design of what the sign would like. It includes eight, 18 inch by 18 inch signs on the bottom of the welcome sign. City council was not sure what they wanted to put in the signs, but it could be used to advertise, to point out local attractions or, as Smith suggested, for civic organizations.

The sign would be built of high-density urethane which would be impervious to weather conditions. Smith said that the sign would last 50 to 60 years and is very low maintenance. Smith suggested that the sign should be washed with soap and water once a year, but that it wasn’t necessary.

Stiffler said that the council wanted to keep this project for the four signs under $10,000, and he said this certainly keeps it under that budget.

Williamston resident Earl Wolf had a different opinion for what the city should do with the welcome signs.

“It should be more than two posts and a sign,” said Wolf.

Wolf said the city would be better off if it had an entrance sign Holt’s. He said the signs should have a wall made of brick and have lights around them.

Wolf said, “If you’re going to do it, do it right. All the specifics have to be nailed down.”

The sign would send subliminal messages about the town, said Wolf, and a wall made of brick makes the town look strong.

City council has been discussing this issue for a while now and has not made a decision on the matter.

Other Tidbits

* The construction of the police building is a day ahead of schedule and may start framing by Oct. 1st.

* The city water system will be flushing sometime in the second week of October due to reports of iron in the system.

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