The DeWitt Farmers’ Market Are Planning to Expand Next year

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By Yuehan Liu

Bath-DeWitt Reporter

As the fall season started and the weather get cooler and cooler, Dewitt’s open air farmers’ market events are nearly going to an end of this year.

The DeWitt Farmers’ Market is located in Downtown DeWitt, North of theintersection
of Main and Bridge Streets, it opens Tuesdays in June through mid-October, 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Http:// As an annual community event runs by DeWitt Downtown Development Authority, DeWitt Farmers’ Market gets good comments from both vendors and shoppers.

“Yes it’s a nice market, it’s a big market, it’s a busy market, they have money in DeWitt so they don’t mind spending money in DeWitt.” Said Freddie Dancy, who sells butter in the market. He is an independent insurance agent and makes butter with his wife by the side.

Freddie Dancy (Vender in DeWitt Farmers’ Market)

Freddie Dancy (Vender in DeWitt Farmers’ Market)

“We do this because is like it is a passion. It takes about 3 hours to make one big bag of butter, and most of the time every Tuesday we earn like I guess a hundred and fifty dollars for three hours.” Dancy said.

According to Linda Kahler, who is the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) coordinator, there are 29 vendors now in DeWitt Farmers’ Market. And it is not a hard process to be as one of them.

Linda Kahler (Downtown Development Authority Coordinator)

Linda Kahler (Downtown Development Authority Coordinator)

“They do need to apply. There is an application process online and they will fill out the application, there’s a fee ($10 a market, or $200 for the whole season, and if they attend 16 out of 20 markets, it get half their fee back).” Said Kahler.

Julie Gordon, who lives in DeWitt for 20 years, also enjoys the market very much. “Fresh, nice people, different variety of food, sauces you won’t buy in Meijer (cause it’s fresh and organic and cheap)” Gordon said.

The DDA has a survey for both vendors and shoppers, so that they can have feedback from people to help them understand about what people want and what kind of improvement they can make.

“People want to see more vendors, more variety, people want to have fresh meat, organic meat, so we are looking at like chickens, since we already have a beef vender.” Said Anna Epkey, who is a volunteer in DeWitt Farmers’ Market.

“It’s a really great market. It’s grown like double the size as last couple years so, and the weather is really helping now.” Said Epkey.

To answer about the future plans, Linda Kahler said: “we are looking to be a bigger market, with more vendors to attract more shoppers, we have to be careful to that, we don’t have too many vendors to offer the same products, because then it’s not fair, we want unique things, people that feature different products, and different goods that they made.”

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