Trustee Jon Harmon creates public safety scholarship

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By Miranda Chavez
Holt Journal staff writer

Among the normal township business at the March meeting of the Delhi Township Board of Trustees, Trustee Jon Harmon gave a report on a scholarship fund he is planning to start. The scholarship is geared toward higher education for public safety workers.

Harmon said that when he was elected as a township trustee he had no idea the position was paid, so when a raise for trustees was voted through he decided to give back to the community.

Harmon said he wanted to do something constructive with the raise and thought that a scholarship would be a good idea.

“How do I create something that will benefit people long after I have been voted out of office,” Harmon asked.

Talking with Trustee John Hayhoe and Fire Chief Brian Ball, Harmon decided that a scholarship for students interested in public safety would be the way to go.

Currently Trustee, Harmon is the only one contributing to this endowment, but he said that he hopes to work with local businesses who have connections to public safety to keep funding the scholarship.

“How do you attract good quality people to public safety, and devoting their lives to public safety? Besides teaching, to me, that is one of the most noble professions there is. Someone who is willing to run into a building when everyone else is running out,” said Harmon.

Ball said, “Any scholarship absolutely helps because academy classes are so expensive.”

Ball said that not all universities offer public safety programs, but that a typical ground-level career firefighter will undergo four years of training.

This training includes medical and EMT/paramedic training, licensing and internship testing, and basic fire training.

Ball said that additional training in more extensive subjects, like rope rescues, is needed for high-level positions like fire chief.

Harmon said the each scholarship will be a $250 award, used to cover the cost of textbooks.

“To me this isn’t just about responding to events, this is more about how we prevent them, how we be proactive in our community,” said Harmon.

Harmon said he hopes to award the first round of scholarships this year, but will definitely be awarding scholarships next year.

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