Township officials hope to fund statue with grant

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By Sarah Waldrop
Holt Journal staff writer

The agenda for the evening’s meeting revolved around the proposed policy regarding public art, Fire Department activity report and the sheriff’s activity report.

The public art policy was presented and voted in favor of by the Township Board in hopes of applying for a $10,000 grant. The policy would instate a committee to handle the art and grant for the community. Ideas for the grant include murals and sculptures. The policy also stated that the committee would handle any art donated to the city.

The Delhi-Holt Fire Department announced that the commission of a program aiding elderly and disabled citizens might be implemented. This program would plan routes to households where there is someone who might need medical assistance immediately. The program would also determine the best way to transport that individual to the nearest medical facility. The fire department will also help with household fire safety and evacuation.

The Deli-Holt Police Department announced its report for the month of January, which included stops and arrests ranging regular traffic stops, possession of cocaine and domestic disturbance. A Teen Court may be implemented in the coming months. This would give students put their peers to judicial judgment in hopes of deterring criminal activity. This program could also reduce the amount of minors sentenced to juvenile detention and keep criminal activity off their permanent records.

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