Tax refunds cause local business to rise

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“Tax day!  It’s like Christmas for me!  Oh happy day,” Nikole James a Lansing accountant said the morning of April 15th.


For many accountants this day is the best day of the year for them.  This day marks the end of most accountants’ busiest season.

After their work to help organize and enter people’s taxes into the federal system, it is finally time that their hard work is sent to the IRS to complete.

Tax day is the day that people’s income taxes are due to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  It often lands at around April 15th and for individuals it becomes the time that they patiently wait for their tax returns.

“I probably won’t receive that much this year.  I didn’t work as much as I did last year,” Taylor Knisely a Lansing local said. “Whatever I do get, I’ll be going shopping

with.  I could use a new pair of sandals.”

Knisely, along with others have planned what they will be doing with their tax refunds once they receive them.  This money received tends to allow an increase in consumption for businesses in the Lansing area

“You can always tell its tax refund time because everyone seems to have money for a tattoo,” Marcy Brown an artist at Southside tattoo in Lansing said.

Southside along with other local businesses notice a spike in business around tax refund time.  People seem to be apt to go out and spend their money because they have a little extra in their pockets.

What exactly is a tax return?  According to WISEgeek, an informational site on common questions, a tax refund is the money you receive when the tax money withheld from your paycheck becomes higher than your income taxes that are due.  This allows for you to receive this difference in a check for your spending pleasure.

“It is great.  I finally have a few extra dollars to go out with my friends.  I guess working a little extra this year really did pay off,” Matt Kaas an LCC business senior said.For many working college students it is a fantastic time of year.  They have money to spend that they did not have before and seems as though they did not even have to work for it.









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