Spartans walk with degrees and hop on job trail

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As M-S-U students walk the spring commencement ceremony, many are hoping it will not be long before they land a job to justify years of study and living on the dime. <Watch the story here.>

Many students around MSU’s campus that are anticipating graduation, have mixed feelings about finding a job. Some students seem to have their life on track, while others aren’t sure what is in store for them.

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According to some of the individuals that I have talked to, say getting an internship was one of the most important things they think, will help to get them a job upon graduation. Networking and getting to know professionals in the field of work in which you wish to pursue, also help ensure getting a job in the market.

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It all depends on your career choice, and the market these days, but upon graduation, finding a job is one of the items you should be able to check off your list.

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