More than just a job

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By Katie Stiefel
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

A single night can be 50 miles long.

Noodles & Company bike delivery man Cody Krupp has delivered food on two wheels for four months and thinks of it as more of a hobby than a job. He rides a minimum of 20 miles per shift and enjoys each mile as much as the last.

“Some people run, some people skateboard and I like biking; it’s my ‘me’ time where I can think and do whatever,” Krupp said.

Krupp applied for the job after meeting three other Noodles & Company bike delivery people through the Michigan State University Fixed Gear Club. A fixed geared bike is one that will not coast but only move forward by pedaling.

He learned how to ride a bike at age five and has been biking as a hobby since then. Over the summer Krupp rides 25 miles around the greater Lansing area about four times a week.

Noodles & Company allows its seven bike delivery people to make deliveries up to two miles from the restaurant’s location at 205 E. Grand River Ave. Krupp’s favorite shifts are when he does not have to wait to deliver food but is always on the go.

Noodles & Company assistant manager Abel Cobian said he hires bikers who love the sport and have experience riding in all different weather conditions. Krupp said he delivered food in every major snow storm this past winter.

No matter how experienced a bike delivery person is, there is still risk involved in the job. Noodles & Company bike delivery woman Natalie Davenport said she knows the danger involved in her job

“Most of us riders have been injured at least once on the job. Nothing serious, but with the combination of ice and trying to be quick, it’s bound to happen eventually,” Davenport said.

Krupp and the other bike delivery people ride in the road at all times and avoid the sidewalk at all costs.

“The road is way safer than the sidewalk. Cars are a lot more predictable than people most of the time,” Krupp said.

Throughout his entire biking experience Krupp has been hit by a car only once.

“I was crossing a road and some dude was turning right and I thought he saw me, but he hit my front tire and I did a flip over my bike,” Krupp said.

Krupp came out of the accident with bruises and did not think twice about keeping with his normal biking routine.

Noodles & Company is the only restaurant in East Lansing that uses a bike delivery service, but has improved business since implementing it two years ago. Cobian said that bike delivery service works well near a college campus and students appreciate the quick delivery.

Krupp’s favorite part about the job is seeing so many different faces.

“A couple weeks ago I delivered to the music practice building and it was this older teacher who was a really good jazz player and he was talking to these kids about jazz and it’s just cool to experience that sort of stuff,” Krupp said.

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