Mason grocery store with sparkling ambience

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Inside Kean’s grocery store in downtown Mason, lies is a jewelry shop filled with many unique pieces of homemade jewelry for all occasions. <Listen to the story>

It all started when Margaret Ross was eight years old. Even though she described herself as being a tomboy at a young age, she found her passion making jewelry, and is still doing it over 20 years later.

Photo of Margaret Ross

It wasn’t until four years ago however, that Margaret decided to market her business in the downtown Mason area, located right in the back of a family owned business known as Kean’s, a local store that has been in business for 85 years.

Putting her business in the back of Kean’s is what attracts a lot of Margaret’s customers into the store. Margaret says she often times jokes that she is like shopping for the milk and eggs when you’re at the grocery store, since her shop is located in the back.

Photo of Margaret Ross (1)

You wont find Margaret Ross’s jewelry at just any retail store, because all of the jewelry sold in her shop is personally handmade. As a musical artist in the local area, Sarah Geyer said she was right away attracted to the jewelry shop, expressing admiration to the background of how this jewelry is made.

Photo of Margaret Ross (2)

Even though Margaret lives in DeWitt, she still enjoys having her store in downtown Mason.

She even describes why her jewelry stop adds a little uniqueness to the downtown area.





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