Lansing’s north precinct relocating to south side

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By Amanda Chaperon
Lansing Township News Staff Writer

The City of Lansing announced it is moving its north precinct to the south side’s Hill Center.

For the next three years, it will be on the city’s south side near the Lansing School District.

Mayor Virg Bernero said in a press conference he feels confident this is what is best for the school district, police department and city of Lansing.

LSD Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul said that she feels this partnership is the best way to allow her school district to be the best it can.

Prior to the agreement with the north precinct, the Hill Center housed 86,000 square feet of empty space that LSD had the pay utilities on.

Under the agreement, the city won’t have to pay rent on the space, but will split things such as utilities, plowing and grass cutting.

In a WLNS article, police Chief Mike Yankowski said he believes this new location will allow them to continue in their mission as police officers to serve and protect the city of Lansing and its residents.

The LPD’s current lease expires at the end of August. Long-term, the city is keeping its options open.

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