Jewelry Advisors raise money for Firefighters

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By Beth Waldon
Mason Times staff writer

Several Mason residents came out to support the Mason Fire Department March 27 at Buddies Pub and Grill at 2040 Aurelius Road in Holt.

lia sophia

Kelly VanderGiessen expresses her gratitude for the support.

Supporters purchased raffle tickets and played Bingo in the hopes of winning jewelry from Lia Sophia and wooden watches from the plantwear brand as well as other items from local direct sellers.

Marjorie Rodgers, who has been selling Lia Sophia products since 2007, said most people recognize Lia Sophia jewelry when they see it.  

Kelly VanderGiessen, an advisor for Lia Sophia, organized the fundraiser. According to VanderGiessen, all proceeds will go to purchasing two hydrogen cyanide detectors. “Hydrogen cyanide is one of the leading killers of firemen, so we’d really like to get these for the firemen,” VanderGiessen said.


The selection of jewelry offered at the fundraiser.

Kelly Aimery, one of the supporters, that she chose to attend the fundraiser because she thought it was a good way to support local firefighters.


Supporters begin their first game of Bingo.

At the fundraiser, everyone received one Bingo card, and if they wanted to upgrade, supporters could donate $5 to $10 for more cards. “Our husbands are Mason Firemen,” one of the supporters told VanderGiessen while picking up her first Bingo card.

VanderGiessen said this fundraiser was inspired by the Arizona Granite Mountain fire that killed 19 firefighters from Prescott, Ariz. in late June of 2013. VanderGiessen added that her manager is from Arizona and that she is the one who suggested this kind of fundraiser.

This is the first time VanderGiessen has held a fundraiser for the Mason Fire Department, and according to Aimery, she hopes to raise at least $1,200 for the firefighters.


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