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By Jiabin Liu
Grand Ledge Gazette staff writer

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GRAND LEDGE – Alan Miller works as a part-time reporter at Lansing State Journal after twice of his retirements.

Alan Miller covers Grand Ledge City government for the weekly newspaper ̶ Grand Ledge Independent and sometimes the Lansing State Journal.

Miller is covering a wide variety range of subjects and happenings in Grand Ledge community and Eaton County such as city council meetings, school board meetings, county commissions, tax proposals and other community activities.

Storyies on various topics related to Grand Ledge community Screenshot at Lansing State Journal's website by Jiabin Liu

Stories on various topics related to Grand Ledge community
Screenshot at Lansing State Journal’s website
by Jiabin Liu


Miller used to work for Detroit Police Department for 24 years, and then turned into a businessmen at Grand Rapids Public School District.

After both of his retirements, Miller has worked as a journalist for about nine years.

“I’ve always been a good reader of news and I thought it would be fun to write about news,” Miller said. “I want to do something interesting and important after my retirements.”

The challenge for Miller at the first time of being a reporter was that the way of writing title in a newspaper is different from other articles, said Miller.

“To be a journalist, you have to be really motivated and want to do it,” Miller said. “You could be satisfy because you can make a difference.”

In addition to being a reporter, Alan contributes to the community as a volunteer through his church and other non-profit organizations that help individuals and promote the community.

Various thoughts

Mary White, reporter at Lansing State Journal, covers community activities with Miller together.
“He is very knowledgeable,” White said. “He’s really good at budget work with a big background in finance.”

Mayor Kalmin Smith has known him for almost a decade. Before the Council meeting or the activities of the city government, Miller often calls Mayor Smith to ask for his comments on issues.

“Alan is a great asset to the community because of his skills and integrity as a reporter,” Smith said. “Because of his integrity, those interviewed know they will be quoted accurately and portrayed fairly.”

Miller can understand a budget or a financial statement when he reads it, which makes him more effective and accurate than a reporter who relies on other to interpret the documents, said Kalmin.

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