File of Life saving lives

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By Sarah Waldrop
Holt Journal staff writer

The Delhi Charter Township Fire Department recently launched Senior Med and Pediatric Med program. Though this program is still in the beginning stages, the benefits could be the difference between getting to the hospital in time or getting an entire family out of their house if there is a fire.

Any member of the community can request a safety inspection and the File of Life forms. An appointment will be made and the process of to having a safer home will begin.
“I would love to see the File of Life forms in almost every home,” Fire Department Assistant Chief Brian Ball said.

During the inspection, the fire department will determine safety hazards, potential escape plans and meeting areas for each household. The fire department will also flag potential households with fire dispatch if that property has a potential safety hazard or a person with disabilities.

The File of Life program comes with a magnetic refrigerator packet to keep residents’ medical history and emergency contact information. This program is estimated to eliminate the five to 10 minutes of preliminary work necessary for assessing the situation, Ball said.

This would cause a domino effect, delaying the response rate of emergency vehicles and the time it takes to get someone to the hospital. If a house is flagged by dispatch because of a person with disabilities, the File of Life program allows the fire department to mark exactly where that person will be or have advance knowledge of how to get everyone out safely.

Community members who have a life alert system are encouraged to have their property inspected and sign up for the File of Life program. This is because life alert systems are designed to alert authorities when there is an accident, but they don’t guarantee the benefits of having a quick response rate.

The Senior and Pediatric Med. Program is not only estimated to aid emergency responses, but the fire department aims to monitor households signed up for the programs to help keep safety measures updated, such as making sure fire detectors are working properly.

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