Crystal Awards to honor East Lansing's best

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By Jalen Anthony Dann
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

“I’m most excited to see who people nominated,” said Assistant to the City Manager Megan Clark, “Then it’s always fun to see why they’re choosing to help out the community.”

The Crystal Awards in East Lansing, Mich is what has Clark so excited. The 27th annual ceremony presents awards to businesses, non-profit organizations, and unsung heroes of the city’s community. The City Council hosts the annual event.

There will be four winners this year, similar to several past years.

Nominations are due by Feb. 14. The fact that nominations are due on the same day as the Valentine’s Day is no coincidence. “We did play up that deadline on social media,” said Communications Coordinator Ami Van Antwerp, “When I chose the date I felt that it would be memorable.”

Awards will be in two categories, business and community. Winners will be decided by a committee selected by the committee. She added, “I do not participate in the decisions and neither does the City Council.”

Crystal Awards can only be presented to community members. However, that has not negatively impacted surrounding cities from showing enthusiasm and support for the ceremony. “A good friend of mine has been nominated a couple of times for the Crystal Award,” said Lansing resident Dwight Washington, “I am always excited to new faces that are helping out their community in such positive ways.”

City Council has promoted the Crystal Awards on flyers and on the City of East Lansing’s website. The Crystal Awards will be held April 24 at the East Lansing Hannah Community Center; the event will be free and open to the public.

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