Cowboy Cotillion rides into town

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By Katie Stiefel
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

There was a sea of flannel, cowboy hats and boots.

The Cowboy Cotillion, hosted by the East Lansing Parks, Recreation and Arts department, held March 19 in the Hannah Community Center, 819 Abbot Road. More than 100 preschool, elementary and middle school boys and their loved ones attended the event.

East Lansing program coordinator Kathleen Miller organized the event with the help of the Parks, Recreation and Arts staff workers. The event started as a mother-son night for boys because young girls had the daddy-daughter dance earlier in the year.

“Historically, we’ve always done a special event for the dads and daughters and we don’t want to leave the boys out so we like to make sure we always plan some type of activity,” Miller said.

This was the second year there had been a western-themed mother-son activity night, and the second time miniature horses have been available for petting in the gymnasium.

Owner of Sierra Rose Farms in Dewitt, Mich.,  LeAnn Hull said her favorite part of the event is seeing people smile when they interact with the horses. There are 45 miniature horses on the farm, but only two were at the event.

The Michigan State University Rodeo Club set three rodeo stations up for the boys. Kathryn Kendall, member of the rodeo club, enjoyed helping at the roping station the most because it was an interactive station and she could tell the boys were having fun. This station taught the boys how to use a lasso on a small, fake horse. The other two stations were barrel racing and a rodeo equipment station.

Lansing resident Tangie Jones was recently in Texas and bought matching scarves for herself and her 10-year-old son Avery.

“Avery has been asking when it is for the past few weeks and I know he was really excited for it. We had the hats already, but I wanted to get the scarves to complete the outfit,” Jones said.

There was a basketball game, football toss, bowling and dancing among the other activities to participate in.

“There was a lot of activity so the boys should be good and tired when they get home,” Miller said.

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