Board discusses art and sidewalks for the future

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By Marina Petz
Holt Journal staff writer

The Delhi Charter Township met Feb. 18 to discuss matters including a public arts policy and drainage district sidewalk improvement.

Director of Community Development Tracy Miller addressed the board regarding the proposed public arts policy. The policy would allow the township to receive a $10,000 art grant. To be eligible for the grant, the board would have to adopt a public art policy.

“I think it can spread reason throughout the community about different types of art, like career murals in the high school or even at the farmers market,” said C.J. Davis, Delhi Township supervisor.

After discussing ways to install art throughout Delhi Township, the board agreed to vote later on the ordinance.
The most important discussion of the meeting was the Green #4 drainage district sidewalk improvements. Delhi Township has had a sidewalk ordinance since 1996, but recently adopted the non-motorized transportation act of 2007 to help build complete streets to help facilitate the use of public streets. The current problem is the lack of sidewalks in subdivisions that were built before both ordinances were in place. The Green #4 project brought up the opportunity to add sidewalks to those subdivisions.

“Any time that we’re looking at a road project in Delhi Township we’re going to determine if we can incorporate complete streets into that infrastructure,” said Miller. “This is the only chance for those neighborhoods that won’t be worked on for another 20 years.”

Engineers estimate that an additional sidewalk bid to the drainage district sidewalk improvement proposal would cost $180,000. Once Delhi Township receives the actual price for the bid in May, they can choose whether to include the sidewalk addition to the overall project.

“Today I think the township has the resources, tomorrow it may not,” said John Elsinga, Delhi Township Manager. “Today the opportunity is in front of you, yesterday it wasn’t.”

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