Brewery hopes to make new home in Williamston

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By Matt Miller
Willaimston Post Staff Writer

A microbrewery might be close to beginning construction in williamston
The microbrewery will open at 161 E. Grand River Ave., where the current police station is. The last major obstacle to the microbrewery involves environmental testing.

Travis Fritts is responsible for developing the new brewery. Fritts said there are two phases with inspecting an industrial building for environmental impact. The first phase is to inspect the building itself while the other is an inspection of the surrounding area.

Fritts is in the second phase, but because of some inconclusive testing, he has had to postpone buying the building. Phase two tests to see if there is any contamination into the surrounding area or the water supply.

Fritts said in a perfect world he should have the results within two weeks. If both of the inspections show little issues, Fritts will have an easier time getting funding for his brewery. If there are issues, Fritts may have difficulty getting money.

The police will remain in their current home until the sale has been finalized. Police Chief Bob Young said, “They will not be building and we will not be moving until a final sale has taken place. That has not happened yet.”
In addition to the microbrewery, the business will also include 25,000 square feet for a restaurant.

Fritts said he agreed with this notion, stating that he hoped to attribute a sense of community to Williamston, as well as 20 jobs. He hopes to be able to participate in the community.

Fritts said, “It’s important for me to have a well-run, well-operated, clean business.” He also said the building was really what he wanted. He said he looked at the building and thought, “It’s really perfectly made.”

Location was also very important with Fritts. He wanted to return to the Lansing area from Detroit and find a small community to enter. He says there are a great number of breweries in Grand Rapids and Detroit, but only a few in this area.

However, he feels he has a strong personal connection to this area.

Fritts is very excited to return to the small-town atmosphere. He said, “I love Detroit, but grew up in Mid-Michigan.”

He has family in this area, his mother teaches at Williamston schools. However, he said, “i’m mostly excited to raise my kids here.”

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