Sheriff Office’s two Training Grants approved

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By Erin Eschels
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

The Law and Courts committee meets bi-weekly in the Human Services Building in Lansing

The Law and Courts committee meets bi-weekly in the Human Services Building in Lansing

Ingham County Sheriff’s Office emergency vehicle operations and supervisors will be receiving grant funding to improve and expand their training programs. On March 13, the county Board of Commissions unanimously approved a resolution to accept two Michigan Municipal Risk Management Association Grants.

The operations grant is a long-term grant that provides training for all Ingham deputies and other Mid-Michigan law enforcement officers. The Sheriff’s Office has provided emergency vehicle operations training for its deputies for more than 20 years, and this grant will help offset some costs. Ingham Staff Services Major Joel Maatman addressed the committee on Feb. 21 about the grant. He said the $1,337.50 grant would cover half the cost of the training.

The supervisors training grant is for $355, half the cost of the fall 2013 training program. The supervisors were able to attend Macnolw and Associates supervisory training courses, which have been a part of the Sheriff Office’s training program since 2010.

Calling 9-1-1 in Ingham County

After a recent pension/health care funds settlement for Ingham County Emergency Communications Division, Director Lance Langdon says the phone systems are going well, thanks to little tweaks made by engineers the second week of March.

“We are getting there. There is currently not as much overtime workers, but many are coming out of training soon,” said Langdon. “It is getting easier as we get more used to the new technology, which will help not stressing over that.”

Langdon is also expecting the launch of a website for the division which will contain information for residents such as, locations, situation info and hiring opportunities with links to the human resources website. Website training is underway and is expected to be set up within the next few weeks.

Life O’Riley Mobile Home Park Updates

The Ingham County Health Department condemned the Lansing trailer park in late February due to sanitation problems and public safety issues. The water has been shut off in the park, and the city is looking at a six-figure demolition and removal of the trailers. Law and Courts Commissioner Kara Hope said the city is making progress on the park and is making sure resident families are taken care of.

“Most people will be able to find permanent housing. We currently have 36 in hotels, 10 of which may be placed as early as tomorrow,” said Hope. “This can be used as a test case for other problem parks, where we can use the health code to come in and take care of important issues.”

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