School board examines challenges facing high school

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By Nichole Igwe
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

The East Lansing school board on Feb. 10 studied an online survey completed by high school parents on challenges that the school.

The board addresses low morale attributed to a changing education environment and tension between management and labor.

The board examined a call to establish a vision and execute clear goals. According to the survey, goals need to be established collaboratively and fortitude was also needed to stay the course.

Diminishing financial resources was another major challenge as they were experiencing a decline in enrollment and pressure related to schools of choice. The survey highlighted the issue of increasingly divergent needs within the community and rising tensions related to the differences.

The final challenge was bridging the gap between the community, the staff and the board. These three components needed to function as a whole and the survey highlighted that there was much healing needed to address the disconnect.

Director of Executive Search Services, Donna Oser viewed these issues as inter-related challenges. She explained that was not just a community perception but also a staff. She believes that the question in mind when looking at the challenges should be based on the symptoms of the challenges rather than the origin.


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