Lansing area Chicano/Latinos are being recognized

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Michigan legislation passed Resolution 295 declaring Feb. 2-8 Chicano History Week.

The resolution was signed on Jan. 29 to re-new the tradition of Chicano History Week which has been celebrated in Michigan since 1848.

“Chicano History Week has been a long time tradition,” Margarito J. Garcia Chicano Latino Advisory Committee member said. “The resolution is done every so many years in support of Chicano History Week.”

Garcia spoke in front the Lansing School Board at their monthly meeting on Feb. 6 to share information about the celebration held at Eastern High School in honor of Chicano/Latino students.

“The great part about the celebration, that I didn’t even anticipate was how much love there was for the kids,” Garcia said. “4 Eastern High School students read the various parts of the resolution aloud. To remember their participation students were given a framed copy of the resolution”

Along with the students, Lansing School District Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul was also presented with a copy of the resolution.

CLAC is only one of the groups that banded together to support Resolution 295 and attended the Eastern High School event.

“The event was pretty phenomenal,” Michigan State Doctoral Student Sam Saldivar majoring in Chicano/Latino Studies and CLAC member said. “This is significant for Chicano students in the Lansing area and the State of Michigan because the state is becoming more aware of a group of people that has been here for a very long time. It sends a really strong message.”

Lansing School Board and CLAC member Nino Rodriguez addressed the celebration during the board meeting.

“Chicano history week has been celebrated for many years,” Rodriguez said. “I was impressed by the celebration and hope it can spread to other communities.”

Daniella Bruce

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